Film Music Workshops 2019


Learn film music with Composer Yati Durant

Taking place in Edinburgh between October - December 2019, these mini-workshops are aimed at composers with basic to intermediate skills. Reading notated music is not necessary but some experience with computer is useful.  

You will learn new techniques to make music for film using the computer (bringing your own laptop is recommended) and recording instruments. Every workshop weekend will have a new short film to score and feedback is given in the workshop.

The workshops cost £60 for each 3-hour session or the weekend for £100. Maximum participation is 5 people per session. You will be provided with a download video recording of feedback from each workshop afterwards. At the Session 4 (Dec. 6th, 7th) an informal screening of completed works will take place on the last day.

The workshops will take place at 29 1f1 Summerside Place, EH6 4NY, Edinburgh.

To book a session or weekend, please email Yati here or phone here.

Session dates and themes 2019

Session 1 Theme: 

Basic scoring skills 

Friday October 4th 6pm – 9pm

Saturday October 5th 10am – 1pm


Session 2 Theme: 

Synchronisation to a film

Friday October 25th 6pm – 9pm

Saturday October 26th 10am – 1pm


Session 3 Theme: 

Recording and composition

Friday November 15th 6pm – 9pm

Saturday November 16th 10am – 1pm


Session 4 Theme:

Screening a score 

Friday December 6th 6pm – 9pm

Saturday December 7th 10am – 1pm

Information about the workshops

The workshops are intended to provide as open and wide-ranging skills as possible in each session for all abilities. Experience working with a computer music programme, such as Logic, Cubase, DP, etc. is helpful but not necessary. This is because film music can be created in many different ways, with or without a computer, and the workshops will aim to adapt and adjust to the skills (as much as possible) of all the participants. Likewise, understanding music theory and the ability to read musical notation is helpful, but not necessary for getting a lot out of the workshops.

It is recommended that participants bring their own laptops to the workshops so that we can demonstrate practical work as much as possible. There are also iPhone/Android apps on smartphones that can be used to demonstrate processes (especially around synchronisation). Ultimately, if a participant wishes to precisely synchronise their soundtrack to a film, they will need to have access to a computer with a software that can do this. Please contact Yati for guidance on this.

Each Friday workshop will begin with a topic lecture on that week’s technique and theory followed by a practical exercise and demonstration. A short film scoring exercise will be given for each participant to work on. Saturday workshops will continue with the technical topic of that week and participants will also receive feedback on the exercises from the following day.

Participants wishing to receive feedback on their own projects can arrange for a private lesson with Yati afterwards.

If you have any further questions about the workshops or wish to make a booking, please email Yati here or phone here.