BIG FILM: Battleship Potemkin will be performed by the Stattsorchester Braunschweig to open the Braunschweig International Filmfest and Bielefeld Silent film festival in November!

I'm very proud to announce that it is now confirmed that I will be conducting the Stattsorchester Braunschweig my 2005 composed score to the definitive version of Sergei Eisenstein's silent film masterpiece Battleship Potemkin (1925) at the Murnau Film and Musikfest 2018 and at the opening of the Braunschweig International Film Festival 2018 on 28th Oct. and 5th Nov. respectively. The score, written for large orchestra and quadrophonic electronic tonband, was originally composed and premiered for the Kulturamt Köln and Hochschule für Musik in 2005 to the first fully restored and uncensored version of this film, and it received critical acclaim for its technique, complexity and intensity. I'm thrilled to perform it once again - this time at the helm of this great orchestra (founded in 1587!) that will be specially put together for this massive project! For more information please visit the festival websites here and here.

Premiere of Saundaryalahari 2 at Festival Forfest Czech Republic on 23rd June, 2018

Yati's new composition, and second work in the Saundaryalahari series, entitled Saundaryalahri 2: Tetaktrys to Ananda Lahari, will be premiered at Forfest International Festival of Contemporary Arts with Spiritual Orientation at the Picture Gallery of the Chateau KROMĚŘÍŽ in Czech Republic on 23rd June, 2018 at 10pm. The work will be performed by cellists Nicola Baroni and Massimiliano Messieri along with Yati Durant on electronics and interactive visuals. For more information about Festival Forfest click here.

Jazz gig at The Quarter, Royal Opera House, Mumbai, India 15th April 7:30pm

On the heels of the fun gig at bFlat Bangalore, Yati’s next gig is the Sunday Jazz Sundowner on 15th April 7:30pm with bassist Gianluca Liberatore and friends at The Quarter, Royal Opera House, Mumbai, India. In between, I’ll be giving masterclasses on composition and music production at various venues in both cities. It’s a busy week! More information about The Quarter click here:

Workshops, concert and masterclasses on composition and music in Bangalore and Mumbai, India from 11th - 16th April

As part of a University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art sponsored series of events, Yati is giving  several workshops and masterclasses in Bangalore and Mumbai, India between 11th-16th April. The schedule includes the following:

 - Jazz concert with Sharik Hasan at bFlat bar, 11th April at 9pm, Bangalore

- Workshop on Music Composition at the Majolly Trust, 12th April at 7pm, Bangalore

- Masterclass together with Andrew Connor (ECA) on Creative Music Practice: Connecting the Audio and Visual Worlds at the Royal Opera House, Mumbai, presented by Avid Learning and The Quarter, 14th April at 10am - 1pm, Mumbai

- Masterclass on Music Composition at the True School of Music, 16th April at 5:30pm, Mumbai

For further information please see the related institutional sites.