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Yati Durant is a U.S. born composer, lecturer, trumpeter and conductor currently based in the UK. 


His first music studies in piano, composition and trumpet began at age 7, earning him many regional prizes and accolades, especially as a jazz musician.  In the early 1990’s, he co-founded the experimental jazz ensemble Honey Junkie and directed his own large jazz band The Yati Durant Project Band, composing every piece for each concert.  His efforts led to commissions co-funded by the National Endowment of the Arts with Old Town Tribute in 1996.  His studies continued with Portland trumpeter Thara Memory before moving to New York, where he began a successful stint as a TV and film music composer.


After receiving a commission from The Juilliard School for his string symphony The Ship, he began studies in composition at the State Conservatory of Music in Cologne, Germany with Polish composer Krzysztof Meyer.  Yati holds several diplomas under Krzysztof Meyer, as well as an Electronic Composition diploma under Hans Ulrich Humpert.  His critically acclaimed new score to Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 silent film The Battleship Potemkin earned him a prestigious first Meisterklasse Konzertexam in 2006.  He has also studied with George Crumb, Philip Lasser, Narcis Bonet, Lee Konitz and conducting with Jonathan Brett. 


Since 2010, Yati is Lecturer of Music, Sound and Moving Image at the Reid School of Music, University of Edinburgh and Music Director of the Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra.  He is Director of the European Education Alliance for Music and Sound in Media (EEAMS) at Soundtrack Cologne. He is frequently invited to hold lectures, symposia, masterclasses and workshops in composition, composition for screen, improvisation and performance at major Conservatories and Universities across Europe, India and China. He holds advisory and organisation roles at several International film festivals, such as the Festival International du Film d’Aubagne and the World Festival of Animated Film Varna, and regularly contributes to their programmes and workshops.


His compositions and films have received many prizes from International festivals, including a 3rd Pl. Panorama Public Prize at the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival for Erika Rabau – Der Puck von Berlin and a BAFA National Commerce Film Award nomination for the WDR/ARD documentary Ein Klavier geht um die Welt.  He is a finalist of the 2009 Concorso Giovani Musicisti Europei in Aosta, Italy with his score to C. Chaplin’s The Vagabond.  His contemporary compositions have been performed in New York, throughout Europe and Brazil, released on CD and DVD by Film Dienst/Normal Records, Filmmuseum München and he remains an active performer of jazz trumpet, with regular appearances and recordings throughout Europe and USA.   

Music for Screen

Silent Film Music

Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages - 1922/2015    122 min.

composed improvisation to the silent film by Benjamin Christensen, for 7 instruments and electronics

Durant & Svalesen: Häxan, McLaren - 2015

various films approx. 40 min. each

experimental electroacoustic music to film

Jean Desmet’s Dream Factory: Smyrne, Tra le Pinete di Rodi, Tripoli, Watersnood in Noord Holland  - 2015    

4 films between 3 - 5 min. each

experimental music to the silent films 1906 - 1916 by Jean Desmet - in collaboration with EYE Amsterdam

Frankenstein - 2012    13 min.

music to the 1910 silent film directed by J. Searle Dawley for Edison Productions, for solo violin and surround electronics

Commissioned by New Media Scotland/EIFF 2012

Scottish Screen Archive films:  Buying a Horse, McNabs Visit, The Cat, The Enchanted Glade, The Great Train Engines - 2012    

4 films between 3 - 5 min. each

experimental improvised music to the silent films, original dates NA      

in collaboration with Scottish Screen Archive, Glasgow

The Vagabond - 2009/2011    26 min.

music to the 1916 silent film by Charles Chaplin, for trumpet, violin and harpsichord (2011 arrangement for orchestra) - Finalist of the Strade del Cinema Young European Musicians Award 

Robinet - 2009/2012   8 min.

music to the 1920(?) silent film, for trumpet, violin and harpsichord (2012 arrangement for orchestra) 

Von Morgens bis Mitternachts - 2009    72 min.

music to the 1920 silent film by Karl Heinz Martin, for 7 players

Commissioned by the Cologne Philharmonic, Soundtrack Cologne and the Film Museum Munich  

DVD available from Edition Filmmuseum 

CD available from Film Dienst

Lady Windermere’s Fan - 2008    90 min.

music to the 1925 silent film by Ernst Lubitsch, for clarinet, piano, string quartet and electronics - U.S. Federal Assistance Award 2008

The Battleship Potemkin - 2005    70 min.

music to the 1925 silent film by Sergei Eisenstein, for large orchestra with quadraphonic electronics

CD available from Film Dienst

Film and TV Music

Journey to Self - 2019 55 min.

music to the documentary film based on the life of June Haimoff by Fehmi Gerceker

Primal Flux - 2016    4 min.

music to the experimental short animation by Joan Gratz

Sightlines - 2014    16 min.

music to the film by Genevieve Bicknell - Scottish Documentary Institute

Young and Wild - 2014    100 min.

music to the film by Felix Maxim Eller (Eller & Jasckiewicz Production)

Diana - 2009    28 min.

music to the film by Henri Boit - KHM

Ein Klavier Geht um die Welt - 2008    48 min.

music to the film by Michael Busse - ARD, WDR - Nominated for the BAFA Deutsche Wirtschaftsfilmpreis 2008

National Commerce Film Award 2008, soloist: Magdalena Durant

Erika Rabau - Der Puck von Berlin - 2008    90 min.

music to the film by Samson Vicent - 3rd place Panorama Audience Award 2008 at the Berlin International Film Festival  

Victor - 2004    15 min.

music to the film by Michael Ester - KHM

Fransösich Inklusive - 2003    30 min.

music to the film by Bernd Schaarmann - CAC, WDR 

Backstage Bistro, episodes 1 - 3 - 2001 - 2003    30 min. (each)

music to the sit-com episodes - CAC, WDR

Ein Bisschen Mord Muss Sein - 2000    15 min.

music to the film by Bernd Schaarmann - KHM

Spieletestcenter - 1999    2 min.

TV commercial - Ravensberger Spielverlag, KHM - Hennessy Cup Selection 1999

Clavigo - 1997    

music to the theater drama by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

HBO "Sports" - 1997    30 sec.

TV commercial - HBO, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising NYC

Oxy “Balance” - 1997    30 sec.

TV commercial - Grey Advertising NYC

Medspan “Daisy” - 1997    30 sec.

TV commercial - One Union Square Productions NYC

Hercules Parade - 1997    60 sec.

Radio commercial - Walt Disney World Broadcast Productions

Industrial MUSIC and Trailers

Screen Academy Scotland - 2016, trailer project

40 Jahre Igus - 2004,  for the Igus 40 year anniversary celebration, Messe Köln, Germany

Machine Music for Igus Industries at the Industrie Paris 2004 trade show, Parc des Expositions, Paris, France

Japanese-Danish Partnership - 2003,  music to the corporate gala, Schloß Wolkenburg,  Cologne, Germany

Start Now! - 2000,  music to the corporate documentary by Bernd Schaarman - KHM

Addy Awards 1997 - for the Advertising Association of New York, U.S.S. Intrepid Museum, New York, New York.

Journalism and Hörspiel

Portrait of a Composer: Krzysztof Meyer - radio documentary 8 min. - 2001 - Deutsche Welle International Radio, Bonn, Germany

Cyberland - hörspiel 10 min. - 2000

CAC Köln, Germany

Der Erlkönig by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 14 min. - hörspiel - 2000

CAC Köln, Germany

Concert Music

Chamber Music

Shasta Chorale for solo piano - 2016

Reflections: Duo Canon for two pianos, four hands - 2016

Commissioned by Duo Biondi/Brunialti, Genoa

Hometowns Lost for soprano, violin and harp - 2014

commissioned by The Day After the Tsunami Committee, Edinburgh, soloist: Magdalena Durant

Bach *A2 B2 for cello and electronics - 2013

Based on Bach's 4th Cello Suite, performed by cellist David Watkin

Mazowsze for string quartet - 2012

commissioned by the Polish Consulate General in Edinburgh, performed by the Edinburgh Quartet

Śpieszmy się/Love Now for soprano and pianoforte - 2007 

commissioned by the German broadcaster ARD and C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik NYC, soloist: Magdalena Durant

Śpiewy Polskie/Polish Songs for soprano, pianoforte, string quartet and electronics - 2006 - Commissioned by the Polish Consulate General in Cologne, U.S. Federal Assistance Award 2006, soloist: Magdalena Durant

Blue Duality for trumpet, jazz drums, vibraphone und string quintet - 2005

Mystery of the Verse for piano trio - 2005

Streaming for alto and soprano recorders, harpsichord - 2004

Motyle for soprano and string quartet - 2003 - soloist: Magdalena Durant

Largo Affetto for solo guitar - 2003

Clarinet Trio for clarinet in B, pianoforte and cello - 2002

Woodwind Trio for oboe, clarinet in B and bassoon - 2000

Nina for baritone and pianoforte - 2000

Merit for brass quintet and 6 percussionists - 1999

Bird Songs for soprano and pianoforte - 1999

1 of 3 for pianoforte solo - 1998

Prelude for pianoforte solo - 1998

6 Solo Cello Suites - 1996

Lullaby Suite for string quartet - 1996

Collage for piano quintet - 1996

Three Pieces from Three Places of the World for string quartet - 1995

6 Miniatures for bass clarinet duo - 1995

Old Town Tribute for sextet - 1995

commissioned by the National Endowment of the Arts Fund

Orchestral Music

Concerto for Guitar, Percussion, Synthesiser and Strings - 2011/2016

*A2 for string orchestra and electronics - 2014

premiered at the McLaren 2014 centenary, Playfair Library Hall, Edinburgh

Verse (II) for large orchestra - 2012

commissioned by the 46th Festival Musica Nova, Brazil

Concerto for Pianoforte and Orchestra - 2009

Verse for large orchestra - 2005

Lento for chamber orchestra - 1999

The Ship for large string orchestra - 1997

commissioned by Ensemble America, The Juilliard School, NYC

Electronic New Music

Saundaryalaharī 2 for two cellos, electronics and pixivisor visuals - 2018

Performance at XXIX Festival Forfest, Kroměříž, Czech Republic

With cellists Nicola Baroni and Norman Adams

Pixidust 2 for two modular synths and Pixivisor visuals - 2018

Performance at Seeing Sound 2018, Bath Spa, UK

Collaboration with Jules Rawlinson

Saundaryalaharī 1 for two pianos, four hands, electronics and pixivisor visuals - 2017

Commissioned by Duo Biondi/Brunialti, Genoa

Pixidust for two modular synths and Pixivisor visuals - 2017

Collaboration with Jules Rawlinson

The End and the Beginning for Machinedrum and violin - 2015

Performance to the visual dance work by Darkland Collective at Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh

Durant & Svalesen: Spontaneous Compositions - 2015

Experimental electoacoustic music ensemble works

For more sessions, visit the Soundcloud page

Filagree for jazz drums and quadraphonic electronics 7 min. - 2005

commissioned by Kölner Musik Nacht 2005

Transversal for percussion and quadraphonic electronics 11 min.  - 2005

Kasting for electronics 15 min. - 2003   

EVII for 4 actors and electronics 12 min. - 2000

Tepid for electronics 10 min. - 2000


Yati Durant performs jazz trumpet in all genres - in the studio, stage and festivals.  He has performed and worked with Dick Berk, Lew Soloff, Ron Steen, Thara Memory, Mel Brown, Andrew Hill, Ricky Sweum, and more recently with Raymond MacDonald, David Patrick, Phil Dwyre, Steve Hamilton, Dan Shearer, John Troy, Jonathan Edwards, Pete Johnstone, Ed Kelly, Bill Kyle and the Jazz Bar Big Band.  He is a consistent player at Edinburgh's The Jazz Bar.  For current listings, please view their programme here.


His ensembles include:

Miles and Co. with David Patrick, Ed Kelly and Dan Shearer (2018 -)

Yati Durant/David Carnegie Quartet (2016 -)

Jazz Bar Big Band (2016 -)

Jazz Bar World Premiere Quintet (2015 -)

Stik Cooke Quintet (2015  -)

Yati Durant Ensemble (1999 -)

Honey Junkie (1994-1997)

The Yati Durant Project Band (1994-1996)

Ben Medler Big Band (1994)

Dave Barduhn's Genesis (1994)

Mount Hood CC Big Band (1993)





Music for Screen Collaboration Network

The Music for Screen Collaboration network aims to create and foster projects within media music education and link them with industry exposure.

Projects are designed by MSCN to interact with other institutions, utilising sound designers, composers and film makers (and animators), to co-run projects with accessible outcomes, then bring the finished results to screen at film (music) festivals.

The projects can be led independently (within respective institutions, taught by in-house professors) and/or with workshops and masterclasses within the timeline of the festivals (and their submission/programming deadlines). 

This work may also be presented as part of the European Education Alliance for Music and Sound in media meetings (EEAMS) at festivals throughout Europe, which aims to support a larger pedagogic network of similar media music/sound art programmes.

Examples of MSCN projects include collaborations with Soundtrack Cologne and Festival International du Film d’Aubagne:

  • Approx 3 - 6 months before the festival, students are given a masterclass on composition and production in which they begin their work. Other topics at masterclasses can include improvisation (as a creative discipline in sound art), notation and session conducting (on a scoring stage).

  • During the project-phase, students can receive prompt feedback via internet (email, Skype, etc.) to develop their film scoring work and guidance.

  • Approx. 1 month before the festival, students are asked to submit their works for programming. The works are expected to be produced to a festival standard format and quality and will be included with all contributors in the festival brochures.

  • At the festival, a screening of the works will take place, along with a workshop to discuss and critique the final works. Student participants are given the chance to receive public and industry feedback as well.

MSCN allows professors, their institutions and students the following advantages (to conventional curriculum):

  • Student submissions are introduced to the public and media industry (which also helps with employability targets)

  • Students feel more motivated in projects that have public screenings in festivals

  • Masterclasses can be held with external specialisms, perhaps not covered within an institution’s normal curriculum

  • Projects can be designed to support practical projects without extensive cirriculem revisions

  • Outputs of projects can be designed to be “submittible” and “accessable” without far reaching coordination with learning outcomes

For more information about developing a project with MSCN, please contact Yati Durant here. We look forward to supporting your project and enhancing your student’s experience.


The Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra

EFMO Concert promo photo with logo.jpg

The Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra (EFMO) was founded in 2010 as a new orchestra specializing in the performance of film and TV music.  Yati Durant is the Musical Director and Principal Conductor.

The Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra main purpose is to expand the awareness of film music as a musical genre.  The intention of the orchestra is to perform film music in all facets of public performance:  in concert, in the studio and live to film (silent film music).  A special focus of the orchestra is in the performance of newer and lesser-known works by both established (or famous) and emerging film music composers.

The Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra has recorded and performed at major festivals and venues from approx. 40 internationally renowned film music composers, including specially arranged works from Jeff Rona, Austin Wintory, Vincent Diamante, Jessica Curry, Simon and Andrew Hale, Robert Holmes and many others. Additionally, the EFMO has performed many classic and lesser-known (but amazing) film music scores such as Wojciech Kilar’s score to Coppola’s Dracula and The Ninth Gate, Zbigniew Preisner’s score to Kieslawski’s Red, White and Blue, Joe Hisaishi’s scores to Ghibli’s masterpieces, including My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away, and of course, Yati Durant’s original scores to Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin, to K. Martin’s Von Morgens bis Mitternachts and the score to Lubitsch’s Lady Windermere’s Fan.

For more information about the EFMO , please contact Yati Durant here. The orchestra is active and eager to develop new projects.