Spieszmy Się for soprano and pianoforte at the Reid Concert Hall with pianist Rafael Luszczewski and soprano Magdalena Durant

Pianist Rafael Luszczewski and soprano Magdalena Durant will perform the European Premiere of Yati Durant's Spieszmy Się on 15th November 2015 7pm at the Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Place, Edinburgh EH8 9AG.

The work is a turbulent and expressive musical interpretation of Jan Twardowski's famous poem, in which one should never wait until it's too late to tell your loved one how you feel.  The composition was first premiered in 2007 at the Bechstein America Piano Centre in New York City. This will be the European Premiere.

Rafael Luszczewski will continue the concert with a recital featuring works by Paderewski, Chopin, de Falla and Gershwin.

Tickets are free but must be reserved at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/piano-recital-by-rafael-luszczewski-concert-tickets-19013791763