Jazz concerts with Miles!Miles!Miles! and others in October!

There are many gigs in October!

Yati is performing with Miles!Miles!Miles! together with pianist David Patrick, bassist Ed Kelly and drummer Dan Shearer at the Jazz Bar Edinburgh on Thursday 3rd October 9pm - 11:30pm and at Whighams Jazz Club on Sunday 6th October 8pm - 11pm. Miles!Miles!Miles! is one of the most dynamic and intuitive groups Yati has worked with in years and focusses on interpretations of Miles Davis’ boundary-pushing music of the 1960’s. Its a great gig!

Yati is also performing with the World Premiere Quintet featuring alto sax martin Kershaw, pianist Dave Milligan, bassist Ed Kelly and drummer Keith Haldane on Saturday 5th October 9pm - 11:30pm at the Jazz Bar Edinburgh.

On Monday 7th October, 8pm - 10:30pm Yati is playing with the excellent Jazz Bar Big Band at the Jazz Bar Edinburgh.

And, after a little holiday, Yati is back to perform with guitarist Graeme Stephen at Barony Bar Edinburgh on Sunday 26th October 3pm - 5pm. See you there!

Jazz Bar website is here

Whighams website is here

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