Spontaneous Compositions for Screen /Pixidust/ Saundaryalahari repository of all works 2015 - 2018 now available on Datashare

All of Yati’s research works concerning the Pixivisor/Pixidust and Saundaryalahari session audio and video (2015 - 2018) have been uploaded to The University of Edinburgh’s Datashare as part of the larger Saundaryalahari research project to be completed in 2020. The Datashare repository allows free downloads of more than 10 hours worth of recordings and sessions from these projects, along with information on their process. As this project develops, more information and sessions will be uploaded there, as well as to other Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc. accounts. Feel free to download and provide some feedback! Any usage must be cited and/or permission acquired and no sharing of content or modification without permission.

Spontaneous Compositions for Screen project: https://datashare.is.ed.ac.uk/handle/10283/794

Pixidust project - reciprocating audio/visual music using modular synthesis and PixiVisor software: https://datashare.is.ed.ac.uk/handle/10283/2987