Saundaryalaharī 2 at St. Cecilia's Concert Hall, Edinburgh on Monday, 24th September

Please join us for an evening of contemporary and experimental music for 4 players and electronics (with visuals). This concert involves contemporary composition, improvisation and computer music - all inspired by spiritualism in different ways. This ensemble performed (most) of these works by commission of Forfest in Kroměříž, Czech Republic in June 2018 and are invited to Edinburgh for this special occasion. 

Tickets are free

Saundaryalaharī 2 concert

St. Cecilias Concert Hall Edinburgh
Monday, 24th Sept. 2018 7:30pm

Nicola Baroni composer, cello, electronics
Yati Durant composer, electronics, trumpet
Magdalena Durant soprano
Massimiliano Messieri composer, electronics, percussion
Norman Adams cello, electronics


Jerome Blaise 
Soliloque 04 for two cellos

Yati Durant
Saundaryalaharī 1 (2016-18, fragment)
For two cellos, electronics and visuals

Nicola Baroni
The Wish to be a Red Indian
For two Hypercellos

Massimiliano Messieri
Okure Ite (2018)
Meditation for soprano, trumpet, violoncello, percussion and live electronics

Yati Durant
Saundaryalaharī 2 (2018) 15’
For two cellos, electronics and visuals

Collective Improvisation 10’