Official launch of Music for Screen Collaboration Network (MSCN)

Yati will officially launch the new Music for Screen Collaboration Network (MSCN) at the Soundtrack Cologne EEAMS (European Education Alliance for Music and Sound in media) on 29th August 2019 at Fritz Thyssen Stiftung. The MSCN initiative aims to promote the development of projects between education institutions and industry and film festivals with the following advantages (to conventional curriculum):

  • Student submissions are introduced to the public and media industry (which also helps with employability targets)

  • Students feel more motivated in projects that have public screenings in festivals

  • Masterclasses can be held with external specialisms, perhaps not covered within an institution’s normal curriculum

  • Projects can be designed to support practical projects without extensive cirriculem revisions

  • Outputs of projects can be designed to be “submittible” and “accessable” without far reaching coordination with learning outcomes

For more information about MSCN, please visit the MSC page at Yati’s website here